My Business Report 04-11-17

There is so many amazing things that I want to say that I am grateful for – I am in awe of all the blessings that are happening around me.  A big source of joy is connecting with others through my business. I am happiest when I help others grow in love and understanding. I love to encourage people that I am in contact with.

As a business owner and one that shares the triumphs of business – I have decided to start a chronicle of the ways my business is growing and engaging. Perhaps it will give others ideas on how to organize their process, give them insight into what can be done or accomplished – or perhaps – just a nice read to satisfy any curiosity that one may have about the mind of an entrepreneur.

For consistency on each of these posts, I will list the business area and a quick bullet(s) update 🙂 Here goes:


  • Taught a fun Bollywood Dance Fitness Class this morning
  • Still coaching a select number of clients for weight loss and strength
  • Kat is starting her brand of kickboxing tonight
  • Danielle Spaulding of The YOGA Barre checked in to say hello (She’s located in Washington State) it’s fun to network on the internet with like minded biz owners
  • The YMCA is marketing us for an upcoming race Victory at Yorktown 10K Run/Walk & Family Fun Run/Walk. We will have flyers in the race packets and we donated 4 vouchers for our studio.


  • Looking to schedule more upcoming PAINT NIGHT classes – definitely going to paint from a photo capture of Teepees that I took at the Grand Canyon. That should be the upcoming one. Will be planning on creating a registration page tonight.


  • Met with my studio manager Kristen Baxley who I got to speak to about our mission to strengthen couple’s relationships through our dance program. The main focus is teaching COMPASSION and a deeper understanding of LOVE
  • Danielle Jackson – Professional Photographer (VAPhotoClass Apprentice Graduate) contacted me to partner up on marketing efforts. We will be displaying her work at our Ballroom Studio and in turn she will help us spread the word about our classes through social media. Win Win 🙂
  • Two new couples will be joining us at the ballroom tonight – always exciting! They found us through our FB ad.
  • Last night we had a new couple as well! It’s exciting to see our newest location grow 🙂 Shout out to Coralita Straughn for all her awesome instruction!
  • I updated our MEETUP Group : 757 Peninsula Social Dance & Movement today with the info about tonight and Thursday. I need to get caught up with the calendar this week to get at least 5 more weeks scheduled on our page so that people can plan on coming to more classes 🙂


  • Met with one of my awesome apprentices Kristen Gonzalez of KPG Moments Photography … she has been diligent in her “homework” as I call it. We are marketing her for High School and College Senior Photography as well as Intimate Weddings. Fun things coming up for Kristen!
  • Kelly Marderosian and I are working on our concept for marketing her services for Senior Portraits in Gloucester and the surrounding area. Update soon!
  • Interviewed a new potential apprentice yesterday 🙂 She was super nice and had a fun portfolio. I hope to hear from her this week so we can get started in time for the Saturday Fundamentals workshop this weekend.


  • Consulted an Entrepreneur in England through a Zoom call today. She was seeking help for her lead pages but first I needed clarification on her current business plan and where she wanted to get to. My suggestion was to implement a couple of empowering changes and to get a handle on tough decision that can help her succeed in her new areas of business. It is a beautiful service she is providing her clients – I know she will do great!
  • Got a compliment from another new client that booked yesterday. She is in Pennsylvania and we had a great skype call yesterday about her website. She is an IT Guru and will be coaching other women in the field to help them reach new entrepreneurial heights! Truly inspirational and I’m glad to be of service. My staff editor Heather Grubb will be helping to proof the new changes.
  • I’m mentoring Heather regarding her role as an editor and how she can organize a plan to realize more abundant opportunities in her life.
  • I am coaching my friend Wanda to discover what she wants to create as a business. We are on the brainstorming portion 🙂


  • I’m currently working on a fun EBook that will launch before the end of the month! Heather Grubb is helping me edit and so far I am on page 7. It is an instructional book with great images and information. ** Will reveal closer to launch **
  • Uploading photos from the Swink Wedding ❤ Tons of pics!
  • Finishing mastering photos from Nicole Negron-Aponte’s shoot – EPIC shots that will be used for her new record! She will be recording soon in Los Angeles – such a wonderful singer, friend and inspirational woman!
  • I have an itch to paint something fun for the upcoming Art Show at our studio… but all my supplies are at the Port Warwick studio lol – must bring some home so I can get to work on it.


  • I’m working on my personal development and joined Carrie Green’s FEA network and was on her live WOW Week Webinar today after my meeting with Kristen Baxley (Yes there are 2 Kristens in my life). The webinar was inspiring as is the group that we get to be a part of. My gratitude to all the hard-working women in the world!
  • Thank you to AMANDA ELLIGAN for all her coaching!!! Achieving great things this year with her as my coach 🙂
  • Everyone is healthy and doing well! I hope to meet all my goals to treat them all for a great reward.
  • I’ve been eating well… not eating red meat actually. Decided to do it for the entire LENTEN season but I think it will be manageable do for here on out. I feel great and have more energy – go figure!
  • The house can use a little TLC… with all the business stuff – – – – um… I’ll figure it out 😉

Soooooo that’s today’s update. Thanks for the support and all the encouragement. 🙂

LOVE ~ Marilen J. Crump


Celebrating 15 Years of ArtInspired

2015 marks the 15th year of my ArtInspired business and I am still as passionate about it as I ever was. A lot has happened in that time frame…

I began my career in 2004 taking photographs for Virginia based performers and actors while living in Richmond. I had just graduated Sweet Briar College with a self-designed Bachelor of Arts Degree in multidisciplinary arts and had started my photography habit back in high school, so I had already earned a ton of experience shooting photographs of fellow artists on campus. Their photos would in turn result in referrals from talent agencies in Virginia.

I then worked on my certification and enrolled in the New York Institute of Photography back when it was film based. It really deepened my understanding of the really technical points of the medium and enhanced my confidence in running it as a business. I combined my photography services with my web design knowledge and included my own performance experience into the mix.

By 2004 I had joined the Professional Photographers of America (PPA) and was getting steady work from referrals and through networking mediums. I was also making the switch to digital which helped the speed of service I was able to perform for my clients. I transferred from Richmond to Hampton Roads where I have been ever since but still have clients that I service in the RVA.

AIP logo 0515Currently, I am a happy professional based in Yorktown, VA with my husband Ken and our (5) five amazing children! I have found that Hampton Roads has the perfect blend of scenic spots like beaches, parks and urban scapes which add to the flavor of my work. We have a private studio located in Kiln Creek and another location in the Stoney Creek Division of Newport News off Denbigh Blvd. and Jefferson Ave. I teach others the Art of Photography as well as dance based instruction in Ballroom, Latin and Fitness.

I am working on great ways to combine even more service with the years of experience that I have gathered under my belt. The future looks very promising for ArtInspired and I am thankful for everyone that has come across my path that has helped me learn, grow and develop. It has been very worth the while.

Thanks for taking a moment to read this post 🙂 Let me know if I can be of service to you!

~ Marilen

Contact: (757) 768-9033 /