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My goal in life is to share my creativity and abundance with people of good will. If you are seeking ways to improve your life, achieve goals and explore awesome possibilities – I invite you to collaborate with me.  There are many ways to join and I hope you are looking forward to a more abundant future!

~ Marilen Crump #expertdreamcatcher

Marilen Crump is an Entrepreneur, Business Coach, and Mentor based in Yorktown, VA. She has been leading her clients into personal and business success since 2000 when she established her company, ARTINSPIRED, LLC.

Mindset is Everything

My Favorite Quote:

“You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine, and at last you create what you will.” By George Bernard Shaw

I am the creator of the D.R.E.A.M. Success Strategy™ teaching Principles to help you SHIFT your mindset into ABUNDANCE to achieve the dreams that you desire. I love sharing this concept with the world. Check out my podcast on ITunes and IHeartRadio:



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  • I have gained an amazing mentor in my life who not only cares about my direction but also my personal well being. This journey has become much more than I could have ever imagined with Marilen by my side. She is making sure I stay on my path and focusing on what truly makes me happy.

    Sarah Vander Heaghe

  • She’s given me strength when I thought I wouldn’t be able to accomplish a project, kept me focused when life can easily get in the way with 4 little ones and pushed me beyond my comfort zone. Which is exactly what I needed. Honestly, I’ve never met anyone with the patience and dedication she has given to me, allowing me to still live my life while building a brand is complicated and I’m thankful for her to be by my side.

    Heather Thomas

  • I was scared and unsure of where to go and how to get to what I wanted in my career. I had the talent but Marilen pushed me out of my box and helped me gain new skills to really help my work shine. I know she’s always there for some constructive criticism or to bounce an idea off of, even if sometimes I still go my own way, I keep her words in my mind to always reference. I am now pursuing my dream job and I couldn’t be happier.

    Melissa Post