Are you seeking to change the path of your business to a more successful and profitable one? Marilen Crump is an experienced entrepreneur, business coach, and marketing strategist who provides business owners comprehensive services from branding, social media positioning, product launches, and workflow organization.

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Marilen has been serving Coaches, Authors, Performers, Designers, Photographers, Course Creators, Speakers, Artists, and more since 2000 to help them achieve their Solopreneurial Dreams.

Would you like to build your Creative Business to serve more people? Having the right business strategy makes all the difference. Smart business owners know that they need to be clear in what direction to go in order to survive the challenges of being an entrepreneur.

Most entrepreneurs run on passion… but that alone will not be enough. You have to have a savvy approach when it comes to finding your clients and know how to offer the right value that will result in a profitable transaction for your business.

Where are you heading in your business and what do you hope to accomplish?

We all need someone to be accountable to. As a Business Coach, Marilen Crump creates a supportive environment where you are heard and encouraged. Being a solo-based creative business can be tough when all the decision-making lies personally with you alone. If you need to surround yourself with other Goal-Setting Achievers, then look no further. Each and every one of Marilen’s programs include community-based learning components so that you have like-minded, business friends to influence and inspire you.

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Marilen Crump

Business Coach and Mentor

ARTINSPIRED since 2000.
Creator of the D.R.E.A.M. Success Strategy.

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Available Worldwide. Based in Virginia, USA.