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Take the Lead in your Market and Create a Powerful Lifestyle

Marilen Crump is the owner of ARTINSPIRED, LLC which she established in 2000 to serve Creatives and Dreamers that are passionate about growth in purpose and passion.

There is an ART to becoming your best self and leading your marketplace. It is about embracing your strengths and the ability to articulate what you do, in front of the right audience. There can be unseen confidence and process blocks that keep you from truly shining – Marilen has a real ability to shift you into the right spotlight.

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You have a DESIRE to scale your life and your business. Now all you need is the MINDSET and the STEP BY STEP PLAN to make it happen.

Marilen Crump has deeply studied the works of Napoleon Hill, Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn, and has been taught by World Renown Motivational Speaker, Les Brown and is a part of the Forbes Riley’s Inner Circle and Mastermind. She thrives in spaces where people are playing BIG – and – getting YOU Ready to Step into the Next Level is her Passion.

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RISE UP to Your Purpose

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Group Coaching for Start-Ups

We all have to start somewhere. If you landed here with Marilen because you are a new entrepreneur, or you are struggling with cash flow, launching, and authentic branding – consider joining our Phenomenal Female Business Accelerator.*

*Please note that this program is geared for women but men are not excluded.

Work 1:1 with Marilen Crump

Ready, Set, Let’s GO! Expand and Scale your business quicker through intricate practices and personal attention. We work from the TOP and not the other way around. This is perfect for seasoned men and women entrepreneurs with at least 10 years of business or vocational experience.

Resources, Events, and Courses

Stay sharp and innovative. Marilen loves to share wisdom and tools to boost your sales, marketing, and operations. Explore learning platforms, online courses, workshops, and more. Affiliate opportunities are also available to help you earn as you learn.

“I take my clients on an exciting journey of Personal Brand REINVENTION to become the next level entrepreneur that attracts an audience. This process opens new doors of opportunities where they can serve elite clients and position their credibility in events and platforms with large visibility.”

~ Marilen Crump #expertdreamcatcher

Stop the Guess Work and Gain the Wisdom to:

  • Map out your entire Business Plan using Milestone Based targets
  • Design a Fully-Customized Marketing and PR Strategy to propell your business into a new level of success
  • Remove the Communication Barriers and Motivate Your Team
  • Discern what Opportunities can be Leveraged in the every changing marketplace
  • Move your Major Goals Forward with Ease

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Marilen has the ability to bring hearts and minds together. She EMPOWERS and INSPIRES action for entrepreneurs who want to make their mark. She has been featured on International Virtual Summits, Economic Development Conferences, College Campus Events, and prominent organizations such as NASA, Civitan International, and ARTINSPIRED Retreats.

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Marilen Crump

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