Building Success for Passionate Entrepreneurs

As I celebrate 23 years of being in business, I am thankful for all the wonderful opportunities I have been able to experience. It definitely is not an easy path and things are constantly changing, but it is a truly rewarding thing to be able to utilize your passion and talents as a means of income.

The word IKIGAI is a special one to me and I use it to help clients figure out if their current path is still the one that encourages them. Asking four simple questions…

What do you love?

What are you good at?

What can you get paid for?

What does the world need?

Once those answers are authentically answered, I am eager to be of assistance in turning the discovered passion into a business reality.

It is wonderful to see people in their element and growing in ways that with the right guided solutions can create a personal legacy that they will be proud of.

If you need assistance, I can help you…

  • Public Relations and Promotional Campaigns
  • Building Efficient Systems and Automation
  • Internal Organization and Communication
  • Start-Up Launches and Publicity Events
  • Branded Materials and Online Content

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~ Marilen Crump #expertdreamcatcher
Business Developer and Marketing Strategist

Hopeful Prayer 2022: Week Four

My oldest is turning 18 on Thursday and I pray for her lifetime happiness.

I pray that we can celebrate in a way that is beautiful and memorable. I would really love to share experiences with her that she can remember for a lifetime.

I pray for those who are ill – that they make speedy recoveries and get back to a thriving way of life.

I pray for my family – that they are feeling amazing and balanced with all their goals and endeavors!

I pray for entrepreneurs in 2022 – that they feel aligned with everything they do and that they are working their fields with the most enthusiasm and persistence. I’m sending love to those who are building their brands through adversities and for amazing miracles to unfold to give them right advantages in business.

I am really grateful for all the wonderful things that is happening around me. I encourage you to give yourself grace in the times that may not be the most ideal to your situation. Thank you for reading this blog and for sharing your good will to the world!

*** Feel free to comment with your own prayers!***

~ Marilen Crump #expertdreamcatcher
Business Developer and Marketing Strategist

Dealing with Interruptions

This is my 22nd year in business and I will be the first to admit that there has never been a perfectly smooth year. From the ups and downs that the pandemic has brought to businesses globally, I know I’m not alone.

But this past week was interesting for me and my family. One of our 5 kids was sick with Covid and we had to quarantine. She’s doing great and has fully recovered but it was the balancing act that was tougher for me.

I run a pretty busy operation and the beginning of the year is always a key time for my clients who are launching programs and focusing on an entire year of progress. I was already booked to capacity and to have that interrupted was tricky. It does, however, make me appreciate that I am a business OWNER and can maneuver changes that work best for my family.

This is the REWARD of entrepreneurship… to be able to make shifts without fearing that a “boss” will punish me for prioritizing family. Plus, most of my meetings are with other entrepreneurs so they have experienced similar situations like this. I am very thankful that I have a WONDERFUL community of understanding men and women in my corner.

The other piece that may be slightly more tricky in my case is that we have twin boys that are autistic. They normally have therapy in school and here at home that helps us ensure that they are developing their speech, communication, and learning things that will help them like potty training. They are 6 years old now and we never take for granted the assistance we get from our family and their therapists.

We had to quarantine and of course, that meant shutting everyone else out physically. My husband also became sick but worked through the lack of energy to make things happen. We tag-team a lot of what is done every day and when he’s not a hundred percent it affects me. The situation needed new approaches and here’s what I will share in case you find yourself in a similar circumstance…

Make Peace with the Situation
I knew that my family’s health WINS over any other commitment. Everything else will need to wait and what can be done – we can do but maybe not to the level it normally is.

Stay Level Headed and Healthy
Thankfully, I never got sick and had no symptoms at all. I don’t know if I was asymptomatic or just immune through vaccination BUT I did what I could to remain in good spirits and health. I stayed hydrated and worked on getting rest in order to keep my stress level low. I am a big believer in how a peaceful frequency can keep you energized, happy, and healthy!

Delegate Tasks to VIRTUAL Admins
If you have been in business for a while and are still doing everything by yourself… it’s time to create a support team. There are so many solutions out there and it will make your operations much more efficient and especially handy for busy times. It does take a moment to get someone fully trained to best serve you and your business, so anticipate starting this process sooner rather than later.

Attempt a few things
I had some things that I was able to do and jumped in with ‘fingers crossed’. I participated in the Fearless Entrepreneurs Summit as a speaker and was able to extend my speaking time due to another person being unable to present. It felt good to accomplish some things – so I wouldn’t recommend completely dropping everything unless the interruption to your life is more severe.

Ask for Help and Assistance
My parents and inlaws dropped off some meals on the porch. Such a Blessing! We also took advantage of restaurant and grocery deliveries. We do this regularly though but I felt more appreciative during this time. I also had a new personal assistant start and she did an amazing job with items that needed to be sorted and organized in my studio.

Do you have things that you refer to when there are interruptions in your life or business? Feel free share in the comments 🙂

~ Marilen Crump #expertdreamcatcher
Business Developer and Marketing Strategist

Hopeful Prayer 2022: Week Three

Praying for guidance beyond my understanding in order to bring new opportunities to life.

Praying that everyone in my family remains in good health so that we may be able to resume our plans for therapy, school, and work.

Praying for our community where we can always come together in harmony and cooperation.

Praying for this month to be lucrative for all my clients and friends.

Praying for the joy to fill our hearts during times of stress and confusion.

Praying for churches out there who aim to include the lonely, the heartbroken, the sick, and the lost – that they may find all the resources they need to serve beyond their capacity.

Praying for an awesome event this coming weekend for my photography classes through VAPC and networking lunch for Phenomenal Female Business Network!

Praying that everyone finds the time to create something neat and care for someone special.

*** Feel free to comment with your own prayers!***

~ Marilen Crump #expertdreamcatcher
Business Developer and Marketing Strategist

Hopeful Prayer 2022: Week Two

Praying for the health of my family as my loved ones make a speedy and full recovery from Covid.

Praying for peace for those who are facing uncertainty.

Praying for our country in order to make the right and compassionate progress we desire.

Praying for those who are struggling with motivation and clarity – especially those who are embarking on creating their dreams!

Praying for things to be complete in their right and due time in grace in perfect ways.

Praying for my business and the growth of our team.

Praying for the right alignment with clients and customers so that we are all experiencing abundance and exciting opportunities!

*** Feel free to comment with your own prayers!***

~ Marilen Crump #expertdreamcatcher
Business Developer and Marketing Strategist

Hopeful Prayer 2022: Week One

This year I want to send great energy to the world by sharing some of my deepest prayers for hope, healing, abundance, and love.

Week One

I pray that we create a planet of abundance by seeking the truth about healing, happiness, environment, and spirit.

I pray that leadership all around the world shifts to one that is embracing of collaboration and understanding.

I pray that my family finds a pathway to connection – especially when it comes to being there for one another beyond our current capabilities.

I pray for health over my children and my dearest loved ones.

I pray that my autistic twins keep on a path of emerging skills that will help them in their life’s journey.

I pray for clarity for me in life and in business and I pray for the same for my wonderful clients too.

I pray for an end to hardships being perpetuated by all illnesses on this planet.

I pray for the growth of resourcefulness for my personal evolution to be more conscious about the choices I may that affect this earth – from what I do, to what I buy, what I eat, and what I discard.

I pray for easy shifting of priorities to seek out the best collaborations for the best use of my time and energy.

I pray that our dreams of having an Alpaca Farm very close to home are realized this year to start a journey with my husband to create a legacy for our family. <<< So exciting!

I pray that this week is full of wonderful and pleasant moments.

I pray that my word of the year ATTAINMENT is aligned with my purpose to serve others using my skills and talents.

I pray that our county and surrounding area schools have a great week back from holiday vacation.

*** Feel free to comment with your own prayers!***

~ Marilen Crump #expertdreamcatcher
Business Developer and Marketing Strategist
😊😉 “Hopeful Mom Entrepreneur” 😍😘

Fearless Entrepreneurs Summit 2022

The Fearless Entrepreneurs Summit, which is happening on January 11 – 12, 2022, is THE MUST-ATTEND EVENT to kick off 2022 right for your business! This year’s theme is Manage Your Time, Manage Your Life and I’m one of 16 dynamic speakers lined up to help you do just that!

At this FREE summit, you will learn how to juggle work and life without the stress. And once it’s done, you feel more empowered than ever to be able to take back your life, achieve more of the goals you set, and even increase efficiency, productivity, and profitability Time freedom is a beautiful thing!

You’ll learn tips and techniques to help you:

✅ Reduce stress…

✅ Enhance the quality of your life…

✅ Build self-esteem…

✅ Improve physical and mental wellness…

✅ Learn how to stave off procrastination…

… and much, MUCH More!

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Fail Up

Did you really “fail” or did you not try hard enough?

When I teach things like pilates and encourage people to hold a plank, I get to explain things like POINT OF FAILURE. ❤ Short explanation >>> It’s when your muscles just can’t take anymore and it begins to rebuild stronger.

There are definite techniques to making failure pay off in MIND, BODY, and BUSINESS…

When talking about systems >>> finding a single point of failure is a great way to correct a process by eliminating what could cause or has caused it to fail. Let’s say you have a Sales Funnel and one of the sections just isn’t connecting with your audience… discovering that can mean $$$ more money earned when you fix it!!

In mindset, people think of failing before they even start – which is a super shame. Just thinking of things or trying a few times with basic effort is not conducive to a large payoff. NOPE >> Did you REALLY go full throttle on that project or sales goal???

If you really want something to succeed – Persist and Go until you have EXHAUSTED all possibilities!! ❤❤ Be proud of FAILING UP 😉😉

~ Marilen Crump

The Fearless Entrepreneurs to be released in 2021

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Aim for Growth

I have had to change my expectations throughout the years… I have a VISION for what I want to accomplish but I cannot confuse that with reality. Reality means that I will have to GROW into some of those goals. I will have to IMPROVE the things I’m developing.

I see people struggling with their success because they want it overnight. They get upset that their first attempt fell short of their vision. Sometimes they think that following a formula is a sure bet to achievement. For me … success is EVOLUTION. It’s moving beyond limitations and gaining the EXPERIENCE and WISDOM it takes to innovate and collaborate.

The journey provides the wins and the right energy spent is always abundantly awarded. ❤

~ Marilen Crump