Fail Up

Did you really “fail” or did you not try hard enough?

When I teach things like pilates and encourage people to hold a plank, I get to explain things like POINT OF FAILURE. ❤ Short explanation >>> It’s when your muscles just can’t take anymore and it begins to rebuild stronger.

There are definite techniques to making failure pay off in MIND, BODY, and BUSINESS…

When talking about systems >>> finding a single point of failure is a great way to correct a process by eliminating what could cause or has caused it to fail. Let’s say you have a Sales Funnel and one of the sections just isn’t connecting with your audience… discovering that can mean $$$ more money earned when you fix it!!

In mindset, people think of failing before they even start – which is a super shame. Just thinking of things or trying a few times with basic effort is not conducive to a large payoff. NOPE >> Did you REALLY go full throttle on that project or sales goal???

If you really want something to succeed – Persist and Go until you have EXHAUSTED all possibilities!! ❤❤ Be proud of FAILING UP 😉😉

~ Marilen Crump

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Aim for Growth

I have had to change my expectations throughout the years… I have a VISION for what I want to accomplish but I cannot confuse that with reality. Reality means that I will have to GROW into some of those goals. I will have to IMPROVE the things I’m developing.

I see people struggling with their success because they want it overnight. They get upset that their first attempt fell short of their vision. Sometimes they think that following a formula is a sure bet to achievement. For me … success is EVOLUTION. It’s moving beyond limitations and gaining the EXPERIENCE and WISDOM it takes to innovate and collaborate.

The journey provides the wins and the right energy spent is always abundantly awarded. ❤

~ Marilen Crump

Crafting the Future

It is the neatest thing to be able to pursue a DREAM and craft my future. I am super grateful for the privilege – THANK YOU GOD! It is a true blessing.

So today, I want to share more of my story and the things that drive me to keep reaching the highest heights. Conveniently there was a fun meeting with my Peninsula Women’s Network Power Group where I was invited to give my talk describing my business:


I appreciate Yvonne for facilitating and taking notes. Here’s her synopsis of our 60 second presentations. Check out what we discussed!

Connectors Power Group November 15, 2017

  • Marissa Colon
    Working on employee handbook, needs referrals for home security, *New deterrent: video doorbell /// Something new about her: an offer on a house in Toano but will continue to come to this group. Hooray!
  • Marilen Crump
    Looking for people who are going to make something happen in 2018, and she is “the prod” based on the person’s goals and needs. /// Something new: She used to be a background dancer for Paulina Rubio. She did live performances in the background. No wonder she has a ballroom.
  • Paula Wallace
    Independent agent looking for more referrals for her business.  She recommends that people look over their policies and shop around yearly for prescription policies and Medicare Advantage. /// Something new: Paula has a degree in medical technology and was a supervisor in medical laboratories. She is turning 65 years old and will be looking for a personal trainer.
  • Yvonne Ortega
    Looking for speaking engagements. She is also looking for clients who want speaking and writing coaching—both individual and group. /// Something new: Yvonne grew up in the Midwest, walked a mile to school regardless of snow and ice, walked more than a mile daily over Christmas vacation to go ice skating in the afternoon and tobogganing daily after dinner. Now she’s a hot house plant.
  • Jolynn Jones
    She sells essential oils and does a monthly educational session. She will do a session on emotions and essentials on Thursday, Nov. 16, 2017 at 6:45 pm at ARTINSPIRED. /// Something new: She has been a background dancer and teaches dancing but not four hours a night. She and Marilen need to dance for us!


Conscious Connections

 I am now conscious of who and how I’m connected.

It is a part of being human that we are networked into a social structure. We are born to a family and as we grow we become connected to those who have interacted with us.

More and more I try to be aware of how those connections affect me.
What am I drawing into my community?
How do I fit into the equation?

As with anything, I try not to dwell on things too long before I start creating a pathway. This past summer I recognized that I was feeling the pull to embrace the larger world. I had been content with running ARTINSPIRED our the little corner called Hampton Roads. My twins had just turned 2 and had their own little agendas that didn’t always center around me. My arms felt less tied and my find started to fixate on bigger possibilities of service.

I was invited by Cara Rich, President of the Peninsula Women’s Network to serve on their board this past July. I accepted and knew it was time to start getting more involved in the network compared to just being a casual member that only showed up to one or two things a year. So I jumped in and haven’t looked back.

Then most recently one of our PWN members and now one of my lovely friends, Lindie Yardley invited me to come to her BNI Executive Chapter meeting in Hampton. I was thinking – I really didn’t have time but I would give it a try and attend. I found it filled with really admirable business leaders with warm hearts. And it was certainly a plus that Lindie was at the helm. I made the commitment and was officially inducted into the group yesterday (see photos here).

Here are a few other ways that 2017 has been a year of connections:

  • One of my mentoring clients is by her nature a CONNECTOR – Jackie Condict is even writing a book called “The Art of Connecting through GRACE”
  • I have been coaching a budding entrepreneur that lives in Singapore – Marielle Say who owns The Sorter Girls – A Productivity Company. We connected through an online group for entrepreneurs.
  • I’ve build a couple of new Facebook Groups mainly my CREATIVES AND DREAMERS group that I absolutely love and use to connect other warm-hearted souls.
  • I traveled to Las Vegas to build on my business goals and met really inspirational people at MONETIZE Your MISSION that I will be connected to within a program that helps us craft our signature products. Thank you to Lisa Sasevich and her team!

I look forward to more brilliant and blessed connections! After all … “The Right Connections Provide Strength for Your Dreams” 😉

~ Marilen Crump


Tips for Vibrant Living

I had the wonderful honor of speaking at Riverside Childcare Development Center in Newport News, VA this past Thursday – where I met really lovely people who were very engaging to me and the message I was offering. I am very grateful!

Here are the points that I covered…

  1. Head to Toe Stretch Daily
  2. Breathe Deeply
  3. Posture is Key
  4. Watch the Words You Speak
  5. Only Have Sensible Fears
  6. Create Goals that Energize You
  7. Celebrate Little Wins
  8. Document Your Life

Even at face value – this list should be a good way to check the elements of your life that can really create new abundance of vibrant living. I’ll be sharing exercises and lessons that coincide with this list starting next week. Stay Tuned!!

In the meantime, you are also welcome (if you live in my area of Hampton Roads) to attend Weekly FREE Power Talk and Mindset Training at my studio: The ARTINSPIRED Center … Every Saturday at 930am – 1130am.

~ Marilen

D.R.E.A.M. is my branded system

I’ve been devising a formula in my little corner of the world. A formula to give a ton of people FREEDOM and CONFIDENCE. It’s not anyone else’s concoction – IT’S MINE – – – mwhuahaha *crazy grinning*

SERIOUSLY – I thank God for the insights he has given me and continue to provide me. So technically this comes from the UNIVERSE and for that I am grateful.

What am I rambling about?? Well, it is my D.R.E.A.M. Formula for Success™ – 5 Must Have Principles to Achieve Every Goal … I am often asked what steps I take to get many of my dream goals realized and it’s not always easy to explain just in passing. This led me to creating programs of EMPOWERMENT at my studio – The ARTINSPIRED Center – and eventually coaching others through personalized processes since 2010. In the beginning I focused on mainly Artists and Photographers which then grew into coaching other coaches, entrepreneurs and other major goal setters.

This year I’ve been testing formats and hosting sites to finally offer these types of classes online. While it is hard to replicate the in-person experience with recordings or workbooks – I am working hard to create an online / self-study process that will provide the rewarding transformation people are seeking.

I want to take a moment to congratulation a couple of my coaching clients for the work they have been putting into our projects using my D.R.E.A.M. Formula for Success™:

Jackie Condict, MBA reached a milestone yesterday with her lifestyle coaching business by launching her Website and Facebook Page  We have been working together on crafting the new chapter in Jackies’ life. She is multi-talented woman and it was time to bring all her skills and vision together in a business she has aptly named “Just Jackie Solutions”. She is also uprooting to move back to her home state of Pennsylvania after living in Virginia for over 10 years. We will be continuing our collaboration and you will be seeing more from Jackie in the upcoming months. She has embraced all the new possibilities and is on her way to big success.

Wanda Slade is a Mary Kay Consultant and has loved being affiliated with the company for over 4 years. She has gone about her business goals like most people I meet out in the world – meeting people, doing the occasional facial and/or party, posting on Facebook relentlessly and just hoping for clients to buy from her and book a party. Unfortunately, it has only brought a trickle of success and even more disheartening – she had been using her personal finances to cover the shortages in inventory and order placement. Now, I know that there are many successful women in the Direct Sales business but Wanda’s lack of consistency in personal accountability, confidence, client correspondences, daily and weekly progress, and overall goal setting.  – – – What Wanda needed was a system… first for her personal finances and then for the business.  – – –  For the past two months, I have been coaching Wanda to get her personal budget under control. I’m happy to say that she has reached so many milestones in just under 60 days!! ::: I’ll be interviewing Wanda soon so that you can hear it in her own words ::: But this has really been exciting for her and for me as her trusted adviser. We are now under way to start tackling her business goals and I can’t wait to see how the rest of year develops.


Later today I’ll be doing a public speaking engagement for Riverside Child Development and Learning Center where I will be teaching people on
“Living a Vibrant and Stress Free Life”


Thank you for all for being engaged with me and my mission to help as many people achieve their Dreams and Passions through experiences that lift the soul.

Feel free to contact me if you need help achieving your DREAMS!!!

~ Marilen

Marilen Crump

I am Thankful

What is the most effective way to get out of a funky mood?


This may sound too simple and too “New Age” but I tell you if you are fortunate enough to break through into creating this state of mind – it is life changing.

Monday was a tough day for me and I took a little dip into “reality” – but I really didn’t like it. I even got a self-induced headache from it . . . and I rarely get headaches anymore.

So I woke up yesterday with a different attitude and started going through the things that I was thankful for: My Faith / My Husband / My Kids / My Career / My Friends / My Home / My Pets / My Skills / My Health / My Parents / My Resources / My Future


Join the Collective


And then of course, like a brilliant magnet – that GRATITUDE attracted many blessings yesterday:

  • Got to my first meeting on time and made a new friend during the open networking segment. I then noticed that Rylee – whom I’ve known since she was in High School as one of my Ballroom Dance students and then later as ARTINSPIRED’s preferred massage therapist was present. What a treat! – – It was a sign that relaxing was acceptable – – Her business name is RELAX with RYLEE.
  • I was then handpicked by Lindie Yardley to announce her at the meeting for her 10 minute. That may seem insignificant but it was a way to bring me back into a spotlight after spending the past 24 hours trying to hide from it. (Lindie was brilliant BTW – Click here to see)
  • After the meeting, I was invited to do a one-on-one meeting with a member that won a Panera Bread Gift Card and he wanted to use it to treat me to lunch! WOW… and come to find out that Jack Woodford is a retired military Chaplin and was having lunch with a man of God! He now works for Modern Woodmen – Fraternal Financial whose mission is to provide insurance for Widows and Orphans and life insurance for all – very fitting for what triggered my sullen mood to begin >> the tragedy of lives lost in Texas on Sunday. It was a healing lunch. So grateful!
  • My coaching client Tanesha Joi of Joi Photography was over my house and her tenacity for working towards achieving her goals is out of this world! I am always very thankful when people are so positively driven – it makes me feel that my mission to improve lives is really on track. Coaches, Mentors and Instructors put our hearts into making sure we deliver knowledge in a way that is effective. But alas – it takes the student’s full commitment to fully realize this collaboration. It brings such JOY into my soul when this happens!!
  • I met with my assigned partner Rick Brandt of Copper Fox Distillery for Dancing with the Williamsburg Stars and I got there on time taking the highway on a rainy late afternoon (in Hampton Roads that is a MIRACLE itself). We chose our dance and our song and I’m so excited! BTW here’s where the coincidences are uncanny. My alma mater is Sweet Briar College where our mascot is the VIXEN – a copper female fox and of course I would be dancing with the owner of Copper Fox Distillery lol
  • My Salsa Lesson that I taught at the Ford’s Colony Ballroom Dance Club was a fun time! Confirmation again that I’m making an impact on people’s lives – giving them loving support in achieving goals and together we can do anything!! ::: Check out the dancing here :::
  • As I drove home, I was able to coach Marielle Say Founder & CEO at The Sorter Girls who resides in Singapore! She is on her way to a huge milestone that is going to change the course of her business – so exciting. She is on top of everything I have been privileged to share with her. MORE confirmation of the work I’m so happy to do!!!

A day filled with outside confirmation was brought to a gentle close coming home to my loving husband and children. All of whom were super sweet angels and I praise God for it all! Thankful indeed!!!

~ Marilen

A Short Visit to Reality

I’ve been toying with the notion of really getting a regular blog together. I don’t know about you, whether or not you have been intrigued by those who have a really amazing blog – the kind that are regularly filled with brilliant thoughts and personal experiences. Would this entry be the start of that? I’m not sure. I’ve had many starts of different blogs but no real commitment to keep it going regularly.

So here we are … perhaps I need to express my thoughts in writing tonight. I do find writing cathartic. I’ve had a whirlwind of emotions circling around me lately and yesterday’s tragedy in Texas has really put me in a bind. I’ve been struggling to make sense of so many things that we as a collective humanity have been experiencing.

You see – I’m a promoter of achieving dreams and goals. I coach people through my creative business called ARTINSPIRED with Utopian ideals and just an overall mission to help people see the positive side of life. I set out to be a good example of the lessons I teach others however today, I just wanted to take a moment to reflect.

Today’s reflection consisted of UNPLUGGING as best as possible. I returned a few phone calls, ran a few errands – nothing out of the ordinary but it was with as little gusto as possible. I did end up giving myself a little headache and shoulder tension – all which I rarely get when I’m in my normal state.

Maybe I wanted to check what being not so chipper felt like. Maybe it was just the exhaustion from feeling so many things from the negativity of the world. None of us are immune from awareness of things that are tragic but I think we can keep fighting to keep our positivity as rich as possible.

So overall, no big revelations today. Just me feeling less than me. I do appreciate everyone in my life that live it BIG. I guess that’s what we are here for and what I’m here for.

Here’s to DREAMING BIG regardless of the how the state of the world may seem. GOD bless everyone tonight.

~ Marilen