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Now is the perfect time to engage your mind with a new perspective. From Start-Up to Leveling-Up, Marilen Crump and ARTINSPIRED will provide you the necessary tools to reach new milestones of success!

$1k in a Day Program

Open to All Levels of Experience. From Concept to Profit, this program is filled with effective strategies for profitable success! $1k in a Day Program™ features four main learning modules: 1) Understanding Entrepreneurship and Success Minded Strategies, 2) Creative Income Streams and Products to Sell, 3) Finding Your Ideal Customers and Making Offers, and 4) Scaling Your Business with Innovative Solutions.

Empowered Vision Board Program

Create your Empowered Vision Board and Achieve your Biggest DREAMS! This program is filled with instruction and resources to help you discover effective tools that will inspire and motivate you in Intuitive Action. This is an amazing program for Start-Ups and those who want to tap into the power of mindset, faith and intuition.

Online Course Creators

This Self-Paced program is designed to give you the knowledge and wisdom to create your own Online Course! Learn from simple lessons and publish your first course through our portal to save on hosting fees as you test your course concept.

Phenomenal Female Business Accelerator

A High Level Mastermind for established Female Entrepreneurs where we take ACTION to transform your business through Authentic Branding, Innovative Business Plans, and Community Support. Our goal is to give you solid strategies to achieve a 6-Figure Business in record time.

“Words can’t describe how grateful I am to have Marilen in my life, she’s become more than a mentor to me. As a entrepreneur it’s difficult to figure out which way to go on the map of success and what steps to take along the way to ensure a profitable business, she has shown me each step of the way and has built my confidence while doing so. She’s given me strength when I thought I wouldn’t be able to accomplish a project, kept me focused when life can easily get in the way with 4 little ones and pushed me beyond my comfort zone. Which is exactly what I needed. Honestly, I’ve never met anyone with the patience and dedication she has given to me, allowing me to still live my life while building a brand is complicated and I’m thankful for her to be by my side.”

— Heather Thomas

“OMG … I have to come in here and let you into a little bit of my world! Entrepreneurship, it’s not easy, but heck is it exciting! Sure I get afraid, scared, self-conscious and doubt myself … that’s normal and that’s OK. What is important is the muscle of resiliency … and that is growing very, very strong in this group thank you to Ms. Marilen!  Last week I had a FB group called “The Unapologetic Adult Child” which gathers souls to connect, inspire and empower each other. I created that group. I love that group. Last week I also spoke to Marilen about my group, and not more than 45 minutes later my whole energy around my group changed! Marilen, you brought such clarity into my own vision, and I think how on earth can you do that so seamlessly. But you did. Today I want to celebrate Marilen for her compassion and understanding, and her ability to see the big picture … which I couldn’t even see!! Thank you Marilen for your questions, your direction, your insight and your talent!!”

— Janine McJannet

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