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Crowdfunding Strategies™ is here to help you figure out the essential pieces of what makes a successful crowdfunding campaign. We are here to guide, educate, and support your crowdfunding journey.

Defining Your Needs

We help you define your purpose and assess your mission. Our goal is to assist you in developing a strong message and brand identity.

Choosing Platforms

There are different methods to consider that will work best for the mission you have created – our strategies will help you choose.

Attracting Supporters

From developing a marketing strategy to managing campaigns, we have workshops and events that will boost your success.

Thank you for helping us achieve our $15,000 goal to get our movie funded in just 2 weeks!

Taylor Lyons Williamson, Producer of The Cooper Movie

Successful GoFundMe during Covid is such a blessing! We raised $3,641 for our $700 goal.

Cindy Norge, Owner of CB Dance Studios


Marilen Crump is a crowdfunding expert helping Creatives and Dreamers since 2000.

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