Building Success for Passionate Entrepreneurs

As I celebrate 23 years of being in business, I am thankful for all the wonderful opportunities I have been able to experience. It definitely is not an easy path and things are constantly changing, but it is a truly rewarding thing to be able to utilize your passion and talents as a means of income.

The word IKIGAI is a special one to me and I use it to help clients figure out if their current path is still the one that encourages them. Asking four simple questions…

What do you love?

What are you good at?

What can you get paid for?

What does the world need?

Once those answers are authentically answered, I am eager to be of assistance in turning the discovered passion into a business reality.

It is wonderful to see people in their element and growing in ways that with the right guided solutions can create a personal legacy that they will be proud of.

If you need assistance, I can help you…

  • Public Relations and Promotional Campaigns
  • Building Efficient Systems and Automation
  • Internal Organization and Communication
  • Start-Up Launches and Publicity Events
  • Branded Materials and Online Content

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~ Marilen Crump #expertdreamcatcher
Business Developer and Marketing Strategist

Published by Marilen Crump

#expertdreamcatcher Entrepreneur, Business Developer, Strategist, and Philantrophist

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