FREE Ways to Free Yourself

Where are you right now? What are you feeling? There may be circumstances that are making you feel stuck and frustrated. Whether it is financial or emotional, you can choose to implement some key steps that can change your life.

Here are some great items to ponder:

1. BREATHE – Breathing benefits you physically, emotionally and mentally. Here you can start finding your clarity.

2. MEDITATE – No matter the form, just find a way to reach your calm and balanced state.

3. PRAY – Ask God for guidance and release your burdens.

4. FAITH – Feel that the reasons are there and that good fortune is on its way to you.

5. JOURNAL – Write down your intentions and where you want to be. You can even use it to express your gratitude and for praying.

6. YOGA – Stretch the body and eat well. This practice can really strengthen you and keep blood flow functioning well.

7. VISION BOARD – Clip magazines or create a PINTEREST board filled with images that empower you to keeping focused on your goals.

8. CONTRIBUTE – Somewhere an organization or individual needs your help. Volunteering can give you a bigger sense of purpose.

9. GO SOMEWHERE – Physically remove yourself from the space you are in. Take a walk or a drive and change the scenery.

10. SLEEP – Get some rest and wake up determined to take the action you need. You need energy to accomplish your desires.

11. POSITIVE TALK – Words have Power! Be mindful of what you let leave your lips. Try to watch every word you utter and be sure it is always positive.

12. LAUGH – Seek out something you find hilarious and change your frequency to one of pure joy.

13. SMILE – Your body responds to you smiling. Try it now and see how you feel. Take a selfie so you can see that you look better when you do.

14. CREATE A PLAYLIST – Music is a great way to keep you feeling empowered and vibrant. Feel free to sing or dance along.

15. CLEAN UP – Pick up around your office or home. The clutter can affect your mood, so choose to do something about your surroundings. Prep your space for efficient work and stay organized.

16. DRINK WATER – Hydration can keep you feeling better and avoid ailments.

17. IMAGINATION – Choose to see your circumstances improving and that the future ahead is filled with new possibilities.

18. LOVE – You are capable of showing love for the things you cherish and adore. Get on this frequency and you can accomplish many things.

All these items are attainable and can be utilized by anyone. Choose one or all of the listed things to start building your momentum towards positive change. There are also groups out there that you can align with to start moving in a direction that is going to provide happiness and security. Create a bubble around yourself and only let in people and thoughts that are positive.

You are in charge of your life. You can do this.

~ Marilen Crump

Published by Marilen Crump

#expertdreamcatcher Entrepreneur, Business Developer, Strategist, and Philantrophist

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