I am Thankful

What is the most effective way to get out of a funky mood?


This may sound too simple and too “New Age” but I tell you if you are fortunate enough to break through into creating this state of mind – it is life changing.

Monday was a tough day for me and I took a little dip into “reality” – but I really didn’t like it. I even got a self-induced headache from it . . . and I rarely get headaches anymore.

So I woke up yesterday with a different attitude and started going through the things that I was thankful for: My Faith / My Husband / My Kids / My Career / My Friends / My Home / My Pets / My Skills / My Health / My Parents / My Resources / My Future


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And then of course, like a brilliant magnet – that GRATITUDE attracted many blessings yesterday:

  • Got to my first meeting on time and made a new friend during the open networking segment. I then noticed that Rylee – whom I’ve known since she was in High School as one of my Ballroom Dance students and then later as ARTINSPIRED’s preferred massage therapist was present. What a treat! – – It was a sign that relaxing was acceptable – – Her business name is RELAX with RYLEE.
  • I was then handpicked by Lindie Yardley to announce her at the meeting for her 10 minute. That may seem insignificant but it was a way to bring me back into a spotlight after spending the past 24 hours trying to hide from it. (Lindie was brilliant BTW – Click here to see)
  • After the meeting, I was invited to do a one-on-one meeting with a member that won a Panera Bread Gift Card and he wanted to use it to treat me to lunch! WOW… and come to find out that Jack Woodford is a retired military Chaplin and was having lunch with a man of God! He now works for Modern Woodmen – Fraternal Financial whose mission is to provide insurance for Widows and Orphans and life insurance for all – very fitting for what triggered my sullen mood to begin >> the tragedy of lives lost in Texas on Sunday. It was a healing lunch. So grateful!
  • My coaching client Tanesha Joi of Joi Photography was over my house and her tenacity for working towards achieving her goals is out of this world! I am always very thankful when people are so positively driven – it makes me feel that my mission to improve lives is really on track. Coaches, Mentors and Instructors put our hearts into making sure we deliver knowledge in a way that is effective. But alas – it takes the student’s full commitment to fully realize this collaboration. It brings such JOY into my soul when this happens!!
  • I met with my assigned partner Rick Brandt of Copper Fox Distillery for Dancing with the Williamsburg Stars and I got there on time taking the highway on a rainy late afternoon (in Hampton Roads that is a MIRACLE itself). We chose our dance and our song and I’m so excited! BTW here’s where the coincidences are uncanny. My alma mater is Sweet Briar College where our mascot is the VIXEN – a copper female fox and of course I would be dancing with the owner of Copper Fox Distillery lol
  • My Salsa Lesson that I taught at the Ford’s Colony Ballroom Dance Club was a fun time! Confirmation again that I’m making an impact on people’s lives – giving them loving support in achieving goals and together we can do anything!! ::: Check out the dancing here :::
  • As I drove home, I was able to coach Marielle Say Founder & CEO at The Sorter Girls who resides in Singapore! She is on her way to a huge milestone that is going to change the course of her business – so exciting. She is on top of everything I have been privileged to share with her. MORE confirmation of the work I’m so happy to do!!!

A day filled with outside confirmation was brought to a gentle close coming home to my loving husband and children. All of whom were super sweet angels and I praise God for it all! Thankful indeed!!!

~ Marilen

Published by Marilen Crump

#expertdreamcatcher Entrepreneur, Business Developer, Strategist, and Philantrophist

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