Tips for Vibrant Living

I had the wonderful honor of speaking at Riverside Childcare Development Center in Newport News, VA this past Thursday – where I met really lovely people who were very engaging to me and the message I was offering. I am very grateful!

Here are the points that I covered…

  1. Head to Toe Stretch Daily
  2. Breathe Deeply
  3. Posture is Key
  4. Watch the Words You Speak
  5. Only Have Sensible Fears
  6. Create Goals that Energize You
  7. Celebrate Little Wins
  8. Document Your Life

Even at face value – this list should be a good way to check the elements of your life that can really create new abundance of vibrant living. I’ll be sharing exercises and lessons that coincide with this list starting next week. Stay Tuned!!

In the meantime, you are also welcome (if you live in my area of Hampton Roads) to attend Weekly FREE Power Talk and Mindset Training at my studio: The ARTINSPIRED Center … Every Saturday at 930am – 1130am.

~ Marilen

Published by Marilen Crump

#expertdreamcatcher Entrepreneur, Business Developer, Strategist, and Philantrophist

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