Fail Up

Did you really “fail” or did you not try hard enough?

When I teach things like pilates and encourage people to hold a plank, I get to explain things like POINT OF FAILURE. ❤ Short explanation >>> It’s when your muscles just can’t take anymore and it begins to rebuild stronger.

There are definite techniques to making failure pay off in MIND, BODY, and BUSINESS…

When talking about systems >>> finding a single point of failure is a great way to correct a process by eliminating what could cause or has caused it to fail. Let’s say you have a Sales Funnel and one of the sections just isn’t connecting with your audience… discovering that can mean $$$ more money earned when you fix it!!

In mindset, people think of failing before they even start – which is a super shame. Just thinking of things or trying a few times with basic effort is not conducive to a large payoff. NOPE >> Did you REALLY go full throttle on that project or sales goal???

If you really want something to succeed – Persist and Go until you have EXHAUSTED all possibilities!! ❤❤ Be proud of FAILING UP 😉😉

~ Marilen Crump

Published by Marilen Crump

#expertdreamcatcher Entrepreneur, Business Developer, Strategist, and Philantrophist

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